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Domestic Potable and Fire Water Distribution System

Location:   Pittsburgh, PA
Client:   CDC/National Institute of Safety and Health Pittsburgh
Contract:   $7,593,948
Completion:  February 2025

GBOSS is providing prime contracting services to address the deteriorating water supply infrastructure through replacement of existing iron ductile fire and domestic water supply lines with combined PVC fire and domestic water supply. Due to the size of the work area, this project has been divided into four separate phases. GbOSS has completed Phases 1 and 2, and is currently executing Phase 3.

Additional work includes installation of new fire hydrants and exterior below grade vaults for water valve work and plumbing and modifications at each building entrance to accommodate the new services.
GbOSS obtained National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems Permit (NPDES) in addition to all other required state and local permitting to complete the work. GbOSS coordinated with the Allegheny County Conservation District and PA Department of Environmental Protection for permitting to execute the underground utilites installation.

Erosion and Sedimentation Controls were installed prior to any earth disturbance and includes compost filter socks, runoff diversion sock, inlet protection, construction entrance rumble mats, road sweeping and concrete washout. Measures were taken to minimize disturbed areas and reduce potential additional impervious areas that would have resulted in increased runoff quantities.
Water flows redirected from construction areas or generated by construction activity were verified that the flows did not enter or cross protection zones. Erosion- and sedimentation-control measures were inspected, maintained, and repaired during construction until permanent vegetation was established.